Helping You

Howard Manas understands the unique needs and exposures that families face daily. He has the experience, reliability and proven performance to help provide confidence in a complex financial world for families and individuals. By interviewing the client regarding financial and personal goals, and looking at life changes, Howard develops solutions in these areas: 

Retirement Planning
Uses several worksheets and financial calculators to determine how much income you will need after retirement. Then, works with your lawyer to develop proper planning that covers various methods to help create a carefree retirement in which money is not a concern, allowing you to enjoy your golden years.

Long Term Care Planning
Gives you the ability to help provide peace of mind for your family, making correct choices about health care as you age, while helping to protect your valuable assets. Allows your family to supervise your care; not manage it. Works with elder care law attorneys.

Life Insurance Planning
Works with you to understand your current situation and needs then uses several worksheets to develop a recommendation. The recommendation may include various plans that will help ensure your family members will be able to continue in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. It is the purchase of money for future delivery.

Employee Supplemental Insurance
Allows employers to offer benefits such as accident insurance, hospital confinement, cancer/specified disease and health events, short term disability, dental, life and vision insurance to employees at no cost to the employer.

Health Insurance
If you don't have health insurance, are temporarily between jobs or are concerned with the cost of catastrophic illness Howard will work with you to find the most cost effective solution
Estate Tax Planning
Works with your estate planning attorneys, CPAs and Certified Financial Planners to create strategies to minimize or eliminate state and federal estate taxes